IndieCity is Dead :’(

I know this has been expected for a while, so it’s probably no surprise to most of you, but we’re finally closing IndieCity. :(

When we bought IndieCity (after Blitz Games went under) we were full of plans to open source it and make it properly community owned and run, with community shares to divide out the profits among those who worked on the site. Sadly it turns out that running a company takes a lot of time, and more than that, taking over a company involves a lot of chasing up people for information, etc.

With all that in mind, plus the fact that we’re super busy and only took this on as a hobby project alongside our full time work, it’s with sadness that we’re having to give up and go home. However, all is not lost! When we started IndieCity back in 2010 it was to give indie developers a place to sell their games without losing ownership of their work, and since then several sites have come along that do just that.

We highly recommend - it’s a really great site, and does a lot of what we were hoping to do with IndieCity in terms of letting developers sell their games however they want. It’s in active development and the guy who built it seems really passionate about doing his best for the indie community. If you are a developer and currently only have your game on IndieCity, that’s where I’d recommend you start.

The Pi Store is also going to continue to run, so if you’re a Pi developer don’t fret!

Thank you all for a good 5 years, and sorry we didn’t manage to do what we had hoped to do with IndieCity. <3

Er00 and ChrisSwan

PS. Developers – you will still be able to access your developer area through the Pi Store. Requesting money through the site will fail, but if you email with a subject line of “payment request” then I will manually pay you.

PPS. Gamers – you will still be able to play your games through the IndieCity client.


Monday, February 2nd, 2015 News No Comments Author: hfordham

IndieCity’s Alive!

Great news everyone: a group of indie developers have stepped up and bought IndieCity!

We’re just sorting out some of the details now but we hope to be able to give you some VERY exciting information about the future for IndieCity within the next few days.

The main thing to note is that IndieCity is alive and well, still open for business, and normal service when it comes to the CAP queue etc. is about to resume (although I’d imagine to start with there’ll be a bit of a delay, since there’s currently over a month’s worth of games waiting to be approved!).

If you could let everyone know that IndieCity is still up and running, and to keep an eye on our blog and Twitter account for updates that would be really helpful, thanks! :D

PS. If you didn’t read the title in a Brian Blessed voice I’ll be disappointed…

Friday, October 25th, 2013 News No Comments Author: hfordham

Sad news

Update: IndieCity’s been bought by a group of indie devs and is very much alive! See the new blog post for more details!

Hi all,

Time for some not-so-great news then. The eagle-eyed among some of you may have spotted that today our mother company, Blitz Games Studios, went into voluntary liquidation. You can find the full statement over on their site here:

What does this mean for IndieCity? In all honesty we simply don’t know. With IndieCity belonging to Blitz Games, it will now be up for grabs, and we can think of a few likely purchasers. But nothing is certain at the moment, so we’ll have to sit tight and see what happens.

What it definitely means in the short term is that we are down on support and development staff, so please bear with us with any bugs you find, or CAP / email delays with

We’ll keep you posted as soon as there’s news,

The IndieCity team.

Thursday, September 12th, 2013 News No Comments Author: Chris

Embedded Game Boxes and IndieCity Linux

Time for a quick update from us!

The eagle-eyed among you may have notice we added embeddable widgets quietly in one of our recent builds, we wanted to give them a thorough kicking on the live site before we announced them.

When you go to a game page you’ll see a “Promote This Game” section underneath the buy button. This will generate a neat embeddable HTML code for a widget that you can post on your own site (see below example)! The widget is responsive, all you need to do is remove the height attribute and change the width one in the code, it will try to scale the images to the correct ratio, clever.

Developers: Use this to signpost to the game page from your other online sites, and encourage your fans to do the same!

Gamers: Use this to show the list of games that you like most on IndieCity

Press: Use the links to have nicely linked images to the games that you are reviewing from IndieCity!

If you’ve got any feedback, please let us know via our support address or by posting here.


In other news, the Linux version of the client is coming along nicely. We should be able to launch it very soon, if you’ve got a linux game and haven’t had access to upload your game yet then get in touch with Hannah, who’ll be able to guide you through the process!


Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 News No Comments Author: DrPiD

Indie Meet-em-up at Develop Conference 2013!

Hi guys!

We’re running another Indie Meet-em-up in Brighton on 10th July (that’s a Wednesday, the evening before the indie dev day at the conference), and we’d love to see you there!

If you  missed last year’s event, there are a bunch of photos up elsewhere on the blog and we’re happy to say we’ve got a bunch of returning experts as well as some new drinks-token-keepers!

For more details (and to register) head over to the Eventbrite page, but be quick as there are limited tickets available and the first 50 of you get an extra drinks token to start your night. :D

We’d also like to say a massive thank you to our wonderful sponsors, Autodesk and Gamestick, and our partners, Sheridans and Games by the Sea.





Friday, June 21st, 2013 News No Comments Author: hfordham

IndieCity Updates!

As you may have noticed, earlier today we put out some changes to the site. Rather than forcing you to scour the site looking for bits which might have changed, we thought we’d compile a short list for you.

Here are the main changes we’ve made, along with handy pictures/descriptive text/help etc. where it might be necessary:

  • You can now see the status of your project while in any of the project setup pages.
  • There are now “required” markers on fields that are required for your game to be released on IndieCity.

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Thursday, April 18th, 2013 News No Comments Author: hfordham

Visit the Store!

Browse our games and applications on the Store


If you are a developer, we'd love to help you make the most from your games by releasing them on IndieCity!

Some of the key features for developers are:
  • Revenue share you get 75% standard, or 85% if you integrate with our achievements
  • Your own domain get <developername> as your public facing homepage
  • Customisable developer pages giving you control over your presence on IndieCity
  • Pricing you have complete control over the price you sell your product for
  • Apps share useful tools you've created with the developer community
  • Download client users can opt-in to have the download client automatically download demos that have been recommended to them, so they can spend less time looking for your game and more time playing!

If you'd like your game to be on our Store then please sign up at !

Contact Details:

For more information about IndieCity, you can contact us by any of the following methods:
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