IndieCity Launches the Official Pi Store! (And Some Other Updates!)

Hi guys!

We’re super-excited to announce today that we’re running the official Raspberry Pi Store, open now! The official Raspberry Pi blog post about it is up now, so you can go read their take after this! :D

The Raspberry Pi is something we’ve long been interested in as a cheap computer that allows anyone and everyone to start creating content, and we’re thrilled that the Raspberry Pi Foundation wanted us to create a store for all sorts of Pi content, from games to apps to tutorials to assets for use in content that can then go back on the Store!

Developers already registered with IndieCity will find the ability to add a Pi SKU under their “platforms/installers” section of their game setup.

New users can sign up through the IndieCity webpage, or enter via the Pi Store front page, or download the Pi Store on their Pi, either by running the new version of Raspbian which includes the Pi Store, or by apt-get installing it. If you need any help, or just want to hang around and chat Pi we’re available over in #PiStore on Freenode, so come say hi!

This is a fantastic step for us towards our ultimate aim for IndieCity to be a place where developers can show off all their content, regardless of platform. We’re most of the way towards having a Linux Client, and soon after that hope to have a Mac OS Client, but developers will also be able to list items that can’t be distributed on IndieCity (for example iOS apps).

We’ve been saying from the start that we want IndieCity to be the place for discovery of indie games, so opening up to non-Windows content is a major part of that! :)


Speaking of Linux… thank you very much to those of you who emailed to volunteer to help us test the Client! We have quite an extensive list of testers now, covering a fairly eclectic range of distros which is fantastic! It’s not too late if you want to help though, as it’s looking likely that the next build that needs testing will be after Christmas, so if you fancied helping us test, please email including details about your system.














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Monday, December 17th, 2012 News Author: hfordham

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