Weekly Roundup (starting 14th November)

Another slightly-delayed weekly update, I’m afraid. However I hope you can forgive us given the reason it’s been delayed which is that we’ve been working hard on pushing out a community-powered incentive-based drive to encourage developers to put their games up on IndieCity as soon as possible.

The details of that drive are available on our blog post about the scheme, but a brief rundown is that if you guys manage to get 100 games approved and on the Store by 31st December then you will all get a higher revenue share (90% if you’ve integrated with our achievements, 80% otherwise). This is just the first of three levels of challenge, the highest of which (500 games on the Store) will give developers who have integrated with our ICELib achievements the full 100% of their revenue (minus card fees and applicable taxes). We’re really excited about this drive and we hope that you guys are as well! I’ll be putting up a brief “questions about the scheme” post a little later today so if you have any questions please let us know!

In terms of updates, most of us have been working hard on getting this all prepared for you guys, but we’ve also been doing further testing on the payment side of things, and working on making the user experience for gamers as smooth as possible. It’s very exciting being this close to launch, and we should have more of an idea about exactly when we’ll be letting gamers onto the site properly next week.

And a couple of obligatory links!

Definitions of Social Games

Article on the History of Computer Icons

Oh, and if you want to submit your ideas for goat names, you can do so using this handy Google form!

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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 News Author: hfordham

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